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Model 3025 Simplex Repeat Coil Mtg


CALL 3010 REPEAT COIL MOUNTING The Repeat Coil Mtg provides 24, 2-Wire circuits, DC voltage isolation and simplexing. Used for trunk or circuit isolation, DC isolation, simplex signaling, application of sealing current, applying DC loopback, interfacing non-loaded cable, interfacing carrier systems, and interfacing carrier with cable. 211AL-8" BLK 24 pos.
CALL 3017 SIMPLEX REPEAT COIL MOUNTING (wire-wrap terminals). The Repeat Coil Mtg provides 12, 4-Wire (or 24, 2-Wire) circuits, DC voltage isolation, multiple impedance matching transformers, and simplexing in an integrated unit. Used for trunk or circuit isolation, DC isolation, simplexing signaling, application of sealing current, or applying DC loopback. 211AL-8" BLK 12 / 24 pos.


10301701 (4423) SIMPLEX REPEAT COIL MOUNTING The Repeat Coil modules provide transformer isolation and impedance matching for use on either 2-wire or 4-wire transmission facilities. The module provides two independent repeat coils. The frequency response of the module is virtually flat throughout the voice band, 300 to 4000Hz. Option switches on the module allow independent selection of either 150, 600 or 1200-ohm impedance on the facility sides of each repeat coil. The module mounts in one (1) position of a Type-10 Mounting Shelf. In relay rack applications, up to twelve (12) modules may be mounted across a 19-inch rack using a Model 101012 Shelf. 211AL-8" BLK 12 / 24 pos.
CALL 3025 SIMPLEX REPEAT COIL MOUNTING Applications include: Impedance matching, DC isolation, simplexing, simplex signaling, applying sealing current, applying DC loopback and interfacing loaded or non-loaded cable. The unit is mounted on a 66 NT QK 120 terminal block. Simplex leads are provided. 66NTQK120 BLK 12 pos.
CALL 32008 REPEAT COIL MODULE The Repeat Coil Module combines a high density system of simplex repeat coils and attenuators. Switch selectable multiple impedance tapped coils allow matching the impedance of other equipment. The unit accepts K-Pads to allow adjusting the signal to specified dB levels. TYPE-10 CRD 4 pos.
CALL 39012 REPEAT COIL MOUNTING PANEL The panel mounts into 19" or 23" relay rack with a 5.25" profile. 12 Repeat Coil modules, Model 32008, insert into the panel and are removeable for quick service. Input, output, and simplex leads are brought out through the rear on 25-pair connectors. Connectors are grouped by function to simplify wiring and to minimize intercircuit crosstalk coupling. 19"/23" PNL 12 pos.
CALL 85006001 SIMPLEX REPEAT COIL w/ ATTENUATOR Each circuit comprises a multiple impedance tap balanced transformer and a K-Pad attenuator. The transformer terminal side impedance is 600 ohms and the line side taps are 1200, 600, and 150 ohms. Center taps on the coil windings are provided for simplex signaling. 211AL-8" BLK 24 pos.